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"I began working with the Henderson Group when I was in charge of Oracle's Channel Partners program. I had everyone in my group who gave large presentations work with them. I also had all of my direct reports work with the Henderson Group at Sybase, Candle, and Hewlett-Packard. Everyone drew immense benefit."
- Leith Anderson,
Senior VP Hewlett-Packard


Executive Coaching:
Leading Through Communication

Leaders are expected to communicate in ways that influence others, build commitment and set direction. Executives work one-on-one with a skilled coach to identify their own natural communication tendencies: strengths and areas of challenge. Videotape and highly individualized feedback provide a basis for leaders to refine their natural style and executive presence.

Thousands of executives and professionals at organizations including Oracle, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, the Federal Reserve, J.Walter Thompson and Visa have worked with The Henderson Group to master delivery skills, content development and leadership presence.

Leveraging each individual executive’s unique style, every engagement is customized to fit the company’s culture and sharpen the executive’s ability to energize and persuade. The Henderson Group’s unique experiential method effectively challenges unconscious limitations.

The results of this work:

  • Enhanced executive presence
  • Increased ability to influence and persuade
  • Better relationships with key constituencies
  • Improved organizational visibility

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Individualized videotaping, review and coaching
  • Scheduling set according to executive need
  • Periodic coaching updates
  • Content and delivery consulting for major presentation events

Delivery: Customized formats, including online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.